Acano Manager

Acano Manager is a single point of management for enterprise and service provider collaboration infrastructure. One integrated platform with a single user interface brings together Acano software management, proactive call management, self-service scheduling, Cisco/Polycom MCU management, and multi-tenancy and billing.

Acano Manager dashboard photo
Acano Manager makes it simple to run large deployments of collaboration infrastructure at lower costs:

Single Point of Management

Access call data records and reports, manage Acano software and 3rd party MCUs, and manage multi-tenancy all in one integrated package.

Large Volume Call Monitoring

Manage a very large number of calls using Acano Manager’s one-page call dashboard, and proactively monitor issues such as network overloads and faulty equipment.

Call in progress screenshot Hakon

Self-service Scheduling

Call participants can schedule calls through Microsoft Outlook or a dedicated portal.

Multiple MCU Management

Manage Cisco and Polycom MCUs in addition to the Acano solution from a single page. Receive alerts and trending data on port utilization.

Multi-tenancy and Billing

Automatically manage multiple customers and the data to bill them accurately. Service Providers can lower costs and improve service levels for scalable offerings. Enterprises can provide departmental cost allocations and usage analysis.


Acano Manager is included with the Acano solution and includes scheduling, reporting and alerts. Add-on modules include Acano Manager Dashboard, MCU, Multi-tenancy and Billing, and Resiliency and are purchased separately.

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